Don’t wait to interview your parents

It’s easy to put off talking to your parents or other relatives about their lives. But time goes by, and one day, the opportunity will be gone. Some are eager to tell their story. Others are self-conscious about it.  But if you want to preserve your family history,  you must ask. One approach is to […]

Video preservation now includes VHS tape

A diligent historical group in our area has rescued part of our heritage that was in danger of  being lost forever. This group has some aging VHS tape containing video shot in a New Orleans-area school system in the 1930s. It all started with someone shooting video of a movie screen showing the footage of various schools in […]

Old video can bring back memories, but only after conversion

I recently stumbled on an old video of my son’s 5th birthday party  that was left in a Hi-8 camcorder that I stuck in the garage. The video was shot in April 2006. I had never seen it because I got a new camera a few months after Hurricane Katrina. We had a lot on our plates and I didn’t convert […]

Bayouland Special Olympics in 3 minutes

Special Athletes working hard at regional track meet as they prepare for Special Olympics State Meet

Famed clarinetist Pete Fountain’s long-lost photos found in storage unit

New Orleans Jazz legend Pete Fountain got a welcome surprise when a couple who bought the contents of a storage unit found a treasure trove of photos and other memorabilia that was once owned by the musician. As reported by WWL-TV, a Kentwood couple won a bid on a the contents of several storage units, […]

We not only shoot. We edit too.

How much family video do you have in your closet? Is it watchable? Is it on an older format like VHS or VHS-C? Chances are, you can’t watch your old video because your Betamax player died, or that 8 mm projector is long gone. We can help. We can help you convert your video into […]

How to write your own obituary (or that of a loved one)

Talented Star-Tribune Reporter Katy Read talks about writing your own obituary, or that of a loved one. The time to do this is not after, but before, when the writer can inject some of the person’s characteristics that will show them as a a unique individual, not just an image on a wall. Biographical details […]

Preserve your story after a computer crash

Many people have hundreds or thousands of photos or other valuable files and documents on their computers. But without a good backup system, it can all go away in an instant. I was in full tilt on several projects when my data drive abruptly died. The drive was less than two years old. Fortunately, I […]

‘Paul Maillard Stories’ are now online

Latest Interviews from St. Charles Parish’s “Paul Maillard Stories”  are up on our  video storage site. Tell Your Story is helping the parish document the experiences of longtime residents who lived in Luling, La. as industrial expansion transformed the community.While this is a public project, in which residents agree to make these experiences public,  other Tell Your Story […]

Harry Stamps’ quirky obituary may be the best ever

Clearly, this Mississippi man loved life, and will be missed. His quirky obituary, published in The Sun Herald earlier this year, still brings a smile. He was loved.  How will your friends remember you? Most people don’t want to think about death. But they do think about their legacy. How would you like to be remembered? […]